Sample Statements

Total reward statement choices for your message requirements and budget

About Your Benefits offers several standard statement designs with numerous custom variations available.

Our designs are attractive and personalized with your company’s logo and identification.

Our standard statement offerings are shown below.

Actual samples will be provided when you request additional information.

Statement designs, the choice is yours

Single sheet self-cover. About Your Benefits Inc.

Single Sheet Self-Cover

This 8 ½” x 11″ or 8½” x 14″ statement may be single-sided or duplex color laser printed. These statements fit into a standard No. 10 window envelope.

Single sheet self-cover option 2 - About Your Benefits Inc.

Single sheet self-cover

Another standard offering is our 11″ x 17″ Single Sheet Self-Cover color laser printed and folded in half to create a four-page 8½” x 11″ statement. 9″ x 12″ window envelopes are included with these statements.

Single-page overcover - About Your Benefits Inc.

Single-Page Overcover

This 8″ x 14″ single page fits into a window envelope for mailing or internal distribution. This compact design offers a personalized summary of the highlights of your employee’s compensation and benefits program.

Multi-page booklets - About Your Benefits Inc.

Multi-paged booklets

These statement designs include an 8½” x 11″ booklet with a die-cut cover or self-cover. Window envelopes are included with all About Your Benefits statements.

Custom design alternatives - About Your Benefits, Inc.

Custom Design Alternatives

About Your Benefits has the capability to laser print statements (simplex or duplex) on up to 11″ x 17″ stock, which offers you the considerable design flexibility to create custom variations on the standard styles described above. Custom graphics and color are always available for a slight surcharge over our standard offering.

Statements online, the continuing communication link - About Your Benefits, Inc.

Statements online, the continuing communication link

Online statements provide a year-round source for personalized employee benefits information. Employers may prefer this method of keeping employees up to date on the value of their benefits.

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